Photos: Lorna Luxe 
Patch denim is assuming my whole outfit scene – See more on my Instagram – one attire at a time. I slipped this pair from the Jacob Cohen show room before London Fashion Week and hardly have taken them off. I know I’ve got to stop now but I would have infinite ways in mind to keep styling them.
Patch Jeans: Jacob Cohen (similar on sale here or high street here ) | 
Shoes: Miu Miu (here or high street here) | Wide-Cut Shirt: COS (here) | 
Pouch: American Apparel (here on sale now!) | Hat: Zadig&Voltaire (more here) | 
Leather Jacket: Maje (in black here)


Infinite Knitwear.
Apparently the days where our knitwear was stopping at the top are over.
It’s underside time!
AW14 doesn’t want us to settle anymore for a pull. The new tricot is in the mood for trespassing the line ..not only, but extra long and extra wide. 

My response on this is OMG! The Comfort!

It felt weird the first 10 minutes I left the house (I have to admit ..) but then:

1. I am in London so I can actually wear whatever and people might think I am cool – tourists attraction!
2. 100% Cashmere on my skin is one of the best feeling – almost as good as the first day of summer vacation bare feet in the sand!
3. If you don’t want to be totally man-repelling you could opt for pointy loafers instead of birks.
4. If you are still unsure, put a trench on it!

But trust me. This is a trend to try!!

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Inside Out the Look:

Trench Coat: Burberry Brit (similar here) | 
Cashmere Pants: more here and high street here | 
Bag: Celine (more totes here) | 
Sunglasses: Celine (here – 10%off the first order!) | Turtleneck: Zara (more here)


Photos: Lorna – LornaLuxe 

 Photo: Glenda – WorkYourStyle

Back in the city and stepped into fall in a roaring nano-moment.

My fashion becomes a layering of leopard print – love and still big this AW14 – purring in a brand new classic trench coat – which will get extra attention and get old with me. 

I started the big layering game. In this outfit I haven’t only played with colour contrast, but also lengths – three quarters sleeves on a turtle neck .. by now you know my love for a casual look! So ..Bermudas and beloved Chanel leather espadrilles combo. 

I am not ready for stocking yet. As late as possible, thanks . .

Instagram @nickyinsideout
Facebook Page Nicky Inside Out
Inside Out the Look:

Trench Coat: Burberry (some more on sale here) | Leopard Print Sweater: Maje (more here) | Turtleneck: Zara (here) | Denim Bermudas: Whistles (here) | Shoes: Chanel (similar here) | Bag: American Apparel (more colours here)