Welcome to Nickyinsideout.

This blog was founded in March 2014 as the personal style journey of Nicole Ballardini, an Italian girl working in the fashion industry in London.
Born as a hobby sharing daily fashion, Nickyinsideout became more than that. It’s now a place where I keep sharing my daily outfits and photography but also collaborations, brands and trends I love. This blog also keeps giving me the chance to meet lovely fellow bloggers, some of them who became great friends.
Since September 2015 Nickyinsideout is based in Amsterdam and the ones who followed this journey since the beginning know a lot has changed in my personal life, a lot of bumps photos, a new adorable baby girl and a new city, but the real passion for fashion and my dedication has never changed.
Nickyinsideout continues as a style blog translating the main seasonal trends into wearable outfits, always maintaining a simple effortless chic mood with some sort of edgy details.
For all commercial enquiries please see the ‘CONTACT ME’ page.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Nicky
    My name is Angela and I have a little business based also in Amsterdam called Ministry of Play where I sell baby and kids clothing from the platform Etsy.
    I was hoping I could send you one of my outfits for your baby girl in exchange for an Instagram pic. I thought you may like my Bonjour Bebe onesie.
    If love to hear from you!
    Kind Regards
    Instagram : ministryofplay_clothing


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