This AW we can only be fashionable if our knit sleeves are longer than expected.. When I say longer, I mean MUCH longer! Imagine them covering your fancy watch, your brand new rings and your fresh manicure.. There is no showing off in any of these areas as Acne, The Row, Celine and Stella taught us (just to name a few of my favourites).

The last time I can recall my sleeves covering my thumb it was actually as a teenager, including my mother telling me off because of it!

..When my mum is going to see these photos is possibly going to text me the same thing once again! Funnily enough now I can justify myself having Celine and Acne backing me up.. What could she possibly argue now?

The jumper is a new entry accompanied by a funny story. Funny for one party only actually..

Last week Menno asked me to update his winter wardrobe with new knitwear. How can a lovely girl friend refuse such a request? Nothing i love more than shopping for him.. which means I pick from some of my favourite menswear departments and he pays for it! I stocked him up of Sandro sweaters, strategically getting him also two of the same ones, one in navy and the other one in grey.. Yes! The one I am wearing!

The result it was us walking down the canals in Amsterdam wearing the twin knit, including last night dinner with his parents where we got a proper weird look from his mother this time!

Look mums no hands!!

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Sandro (here) | Denim: Diesel (similar here on sale!) | Shoes: Converse (similar here) | Bag: Zadig&Voltaire (more here) |

Biker: Alexander Wang x HM (here) | Beanie: Carhartt (here) | Sunglasses: Celine Caty (here)


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