Metal Rings hm (here, here and here) | Sterling silver Tiffany&co ‘I love you’ ring (here)

It’s Day4 #7daysessentials and it’s jewellery. When it comes to jewellery and accessories in general I went down the road of minimalism (even more than clothes, as I still enjoy some statement pieces sometimes). These are the rings I wear more often now (not all together!). I like my rings to be loads (some days I wear one for each finger) but they must be as plain as possible! Apart for my tiffanyandco ‘I love you’ ring engraved, all the others are simple silver or gold colour bands. I also like to mix and match gold and silver! You must try-it looks good! On a different note I would like to officially thank my friend Aggie  for her eBay tips! I sold 2 items already this week, including the Loubi! I’ve been adviced to try as well Vestiaire Collective and Videdressing. Any good/bad experience on these? Anyone?

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