SONY DSC When OtterBox asked me to be one of their ambassadors I couldn’t think of a collaboration that would suit me better. I mean, think of me and my phone like we are one, and you get the feeling! Yes, I cannot ever use the excuse I didn’t see a message or an email.. I admit I am that kind who always walks with my phone in my hands, risk my life daily when crossing the street too busy replying a WhatsApp message, never miss a day to update my socials. And if you are thinking of dining and wining with me, it gets odd sometimes.. you have to wait to start eating your food until I took at least a dozen of photos (the first one is never perfect) and if we try to have coffee? That’s really my thing, you can forget a fuming hot cappuccino, especially if we sit where they serve some coffee art. Finally, my 6 months old daughter is probably one of the most photographed of the world wide web! My boyfriend calls it ‘a bit’ annoying, I call it creating memories, and of course, work! If there is something you can trust me, besides shopping, is when I talk phone cases.



Since I always love to try all the hot places in town, I have decided of showing you my very favourite spot in Amsterdam!


IMG_2613 I am taking you to the Conservatorium hotel. On my top list favourite places in the city. Mix of historical building and new design, high glass topped lobby, 5 stars service with still a very friendly staff, one of the best cappuccinos and lunch spot in town, impeccable service.. Loads of good natural light, wifi, yup! That’s sounds perfect to me! And getting to shoot in this location was a real treat.



SONY DSC When it comes to what I wear, details are always the most important to me. I could wear the same ripped denim for weeks but the accessories must always be on point, and my phone being my thing, it must be ‘dressed’ accordingly.

What I love about the OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear case, it is the fully clear back. It shows the rose gold colour of my I-phone and most important, since it did happen to me with other brands in the past, this case doesn’t create a shade around the phone camera. This way I can still take great pictures without compromising in quality!

Moreover, protection is at the heart of the brand and I love to know that everything that is inside my phone – emails, thousands of photos, all my apps. – are always safe!

A stylish yet protective phone case. Just the way I like it.







I loved starting my day with a delicious cappuccino, which tasted as good as its pretty look in the picture, while I was checking my emails.. and of course taking photos of it! We did a three hours shooting, which sometimes can be very tiring so a yummy lunch was impossible to resist. We hoovered a way too high quantity of french fries but with such a location, every excuse is good enough to stay a little longer.




The great news is that this is only the first episode! Yep, I want to show you more of this OtterBox case and my favourite spots in this city.. We are now planning the second shooting coming to the blog the first weekend of March. New location to discover, same case, different colour.. and hopefully, equally good cappuccino!!

Inside Out the Look:

Coat: Zara | Jeans: Dricoper | Knit: All Saints | Shoes: Celine | Bag: Lancaster | Rings: H&M | Watch: Christian Paul | Symmetry Series Clear Case: OtterBox

The Symmetry Series Clear case is also sold across these stores in Europe, as well as France (FNAC, DARTY, Carrefour, Boulanger & Amazon), Benelux (MM NL, Coolblue,, Italy (Mediaworld & Amazon), Spain (MM, Top APRs, Rosseli, GoldenMac, Macnificos & Amazon), Germany (MSH, Amazon and Vodafone).
Created in collaboration with OtterBox. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography Alessia Ballardini.



My obsession with casual wear continues. If you meet me around, most days of the week, you would see me in ripped jeans, sneakers and oversized sweater! Instead, when it comes to the accessories, I always like to add some glam with designer pieces.

I like to stick to my guns because, I can assure you, when you are able to find a look that reflects your personal style your life (the sartorial side at least) becomes much easier! I mean, no piles of clothes to be tried on in front of the mirror and last minute decisions! Especially, no hours to be spent to tidy everything back in your closet the following days!!

I prefer quality over quantities so a statement sweater that I can mix and match and the  perfect fit denim are life savers.. Always sartorially speaking!

This is how I do it. Usually I tend to go for a regular colour palette. My closet is build up in black, white, grey, beige and denim with a splash of colour here and there. Once you know your colours it becomes much easier to put an outfit together.

Finally, this way you can get loads of wear out of your buys and your shopping becomes much more justified.. So the sense of guilt is gone.. Or, at least, you have a perfect excuse!! #girlstalk 😉








IMG_2503Photos: Alessia Ballardini – Styling and Writing by myself.

Inside Out The Look:

Sweater: Calvin Klein | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Adidas | Rings: Givenchy and H&M | Watch: Christian Paul | Coat: Zadig & Voltaire | Bag: Chanel



Possibly one of the most comfortable outfit we ever shot, yet I love the chic touch of this Chloe cape. As a new mom, comfort is becoming a every day must but I don’t want to compromise on style.

As soon as I hear the word ‘snow’ there is nothing else I want to wear but my UGG boots and a light as possible colour palette. When I put together a total look of the same colour shade I always pay attention to mixing up textures in a soft way. This time, the outfit was built around the cape and I created this look mixing up several shades of white, beige and grey for an overall light look. It is an easy one to try, especially because you can ‘fish’ white pieces from your summer wardrobe and mix and match them with heavier pieces like I did with the cape and Ugg boots.

I think it’s going to snow soon! I can’t wait so see Amsterdam all white and take Emma out to see her first snow!


Inside Out the Look:

Cape: See by Chloe | Top: Uniqlo | Jeans: Zadig & Voltaire | Boots: UGG | Hat: Ted Baker | Bag: Balenciaga










I would assign the skinny scarf trend into one of the most versatile. I am just loving its ability to go from day to night and I am pretty sure we will take it into the next summer too. I can already see it over white boohoo dresses or rocking it on a white tank top paired with distressed denim shorts. Just – Cool!

I say, buy one in black, like this one from Zara which is currently on sale, and style it either with a white shirt like I did here or a V neck sweater. I am planning to show this option soon because I just love it.

The skinny scarf is an easy touch that will add chicness to your outfit and you won’t need to splash the cash, it’s ultra affordable. Such a keeper!


Inside Out the Look:

Shirt dress: COS | Blazer: Zara | Thin scarf: Zara | Denim: Topshop | Shoes: Frau | Clutch: Valentino | Sunglesses: Celine






As introduced by the title of this post, I went a bit outside the box with this outfit and it was actually fun! It’s the first poncho in my closet and I discovered a great piece which is versatile and fun to wear! It gives me the same feeling of an oversized jumper but adding more style to the ensemble. It’s a great way to look chic while staying cozy. Also, I would add a high waisted belt to make it more elegant. The trick with this poncho is to layer it in the right way to make sure you do not feel too cold now that the temperatures are dropping.

When I buy trendy pieces like this one, I am not completely I will wear very often or simply I want to experiment, I don’t involve big bucks and opt for high street.  This Zara steal is even on sale now! Instead, with the shoes is a different story. These boots are an Acne Studios classic which are still getting used to the maximum and it was one of my best shoes investment. The design is still very actual even if I bought them almost 3 years ago and the block heel is perfect to stroll around the city. The cost per wear in this case was certainly maximised!

It’s fun to experiment new pieces and mix and match them with your wardrobe staple to make you still feel ‘at home’ but yet having fun! Fashion is there to be experimented and enjoyed! Have fun with it!





Inside Out the Look:

Cape: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Hat: Forever 21 | Bag: Balenciaga | Shoes: Acne | Bracelet: Chandrah






The new year is here and first of all I want to wish you all a great 2016 and thank you for sticking with me for almost two years now. It’s been two years full of changes both with blogging and with my personal life. As you know, and for the ones who don’t know, in 2015 a lot happened. Becoming a mother received all my attention but also we got engaged and finally moved from London to Amsterdam.

Due to circumstances, I had to leave my blog a bit behind but I knew this was going to change. In 2016 we have a wedding to organise in Italy and I intend to focus on making Amsterdam my new ‘home’, redecorating our apartment and potentially buying a bigger one but most of all taking blogging to the next level, focusing on it full time together with taking care of little baby Emma Maaike.

We are working on a brand new website releasing soon which I am super excited about, I will be based in a new workspace this week at #workmode,  we have new new exciting projects lined up, I am planning to attend London and Milan fashion weeks in February and I will share all this with you daily on the blog and on my socials!

I am very excited about these new beginnings but for this weekend, I am still cozying up at home in my current favourite chunky knit, snuggling my baby who is fighting her first cold and browsing through the winter sales in front of the fireplace.







Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Zara | Denim: Top Shop | Shoes: Acne | Bag: Balenciaga | Sunglasses: Celine | Bracelet: Chandrah



When I moved to Amsterdam 3 months ago I would have never have thought of strolling around the city in such an outfit in mid December. I was more thinking of which parka coat would have been the warmest to deal with the Dutch winter weather. Well.. Since I am a lover of warm weather, it looks like my prayers have been listened to! So, this week when I checked my weather app (I always do because I don’t like to take out Emma in the rain)  I got the biggest surprise! 13 degrees.. Whaaat?? This could only mean.. Spring and fall clothes can make a come back! So they did! My favourite miu miu loafers I thought I could only meet again in the ‘so far away’ spring!

But I am not here to talk about the weather. What I do love to talk about is an outfit building! In this case ‘how you can pull off spring clothes in winter’. Here is one example: I combined my favourite spring (or fall) shoes – heels or flat would work the same way – with my favourite sweater, keeping a ‘wintery’ colour palette. It gives a good balance and still keeps your body warm, plus you can still enjoy some of your favourites you were only dreaming to wear again soon.


Inside Out the Look:

Shoes: Miu Miu similar here on sale | Jeans: Levi’s vintage | Sweater: Claudie Pierlot similar here | Sunglasses: Celine | Bracelet: Chandrah | Watch: Triwa | Bag: Valentino



Half Superstar, half Celine pull on sneakers.. It’s the kind of originality that either you hate or you fall in love with. I never imagined finding some white kicks I would love more than the classic Adidas Stan Smith, but I must admit, I did find them! Especially when browsing shoes online I wouldn’t have thought of buying another pair of white sneakers! This is my fourth pair and I am still not tired of them. I think what makes white sneakers interesting is the sporty-chic touch which they give to any outfit. I say ‘any’ because really, they are still having a big fashion moment and  you can pair them with anything. This is what make these shoes so interesting to me.

How I like to wear them? Here I paired with a simple yet chic black trousers but also think leather trousers, leather leggings, skinny or boyfriend jeans, culottes, midi skirts and even dresses! I mean, what it there not to love? A pair of shoes that goes with everything, gives you comfort and make you still feel chic.

They are the best for transitional weather (I tend not to wear them if its very freezing outside because I don’t like them with socks. I wear them bare feet and I would end up with a flu!). So when the weather allows, since I moved from a rainy country to one even more rainy, they are the shoes that add coolness to any outfit.

So, I say, you need to get yourself at least one pair pair.. It’s a safe investment if you like the designer ones like GucciSaint Laurent or Celine or there are some very cool ones without the need of splashing the cash.





Inside Out the Look:

Shoes: Adidas Superstar Slip On | Trousers: Maje (similar on sale) | Top: Uniqlo (similar on sale) | Blazer: Zara | Sunglasses: Celine | Bag: Chanel






One of the remarks I often get from my boyfriend is that I always wear trainers. (Men are always exaggerating!!) The minute I come home with a new shopping bag and I show him the novelty with excitement and satisfaction (..this is not always happening since I don’t want to hear ‘did you really need a new pair of shoes, or bag, or blabla… but this happens in every house, doesn’t it?) I think he hopes in a pair of killer heels. Instead it would be a pair of sneakers, denim, loafers, leather pants or this time a sweater dress. Now, lets get to the point..I could have styled it with heels too but with trainers is more stylish to me. A scandi-inspired sporty-chic look makes me feel more myself and I really can enjoy the layering game adding leather trousers underneath and playing with lengths adding a masculine cut  coat.

I added a feminine touch to the look with this cool bracelet from Chandrah. You may have already seen it on my Instagram because I have been wearing it every day since I have got it. This style is on point with the ‘marble look a like’ beads and 18k rose gold plated detail. I love how easily you can put it on with the elastic band. Chandrah offers free worldwide express shipping and I am thinking, since I am enjoying it so much, it would make a great Christmas gift for my besties.

So, to make the story short, you must wear only what makes you feel good!  And blame the rain that in Amsterdam has been non stop the past week or the time waiting that the baby wakes up from her nap or to be honest, I just wanted a new pair of shoes I may need or not.. I ended up buying a new pair of sneakers.. and these are amazing! Stay tuned!

Inside Out the Look:

Dress: Zara (here) | Faux leather trousers: Zara (here) | Coat: Zadig&Voltaire (here) | Bag: American Apparel (similar here on sale!) | Bracelet: Chandrah (here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) | Fringes: Vow label (here)






Sometimes wearing unexpected seasonal items keeps my wardrobe a little more interesting. Think of a total white combo in winter time.. It sounds wrong on paper, because we are all expected to start wearing darks shades when fall starts, but it works extremely stylish on the streets. It is the same concept of wearing a white shirt dress paired with black tights and blazer.

Shoes talking.. I do live most of my every day life in denim and sneakers, especially now as a new mom, but every now and then I like to wear skirts and heels.. always keeping it in a kind of casual and cool way. I particularly like block heels right now and these ones are a great height and seriously made for walking!

Inside Out the Look:

Shirt dress: COS (here) | Blazer: Zara (more here) | Shoes: Frau (here) | Hat: Zadig & Voltaire (more here) | Bag: Chanel







Whether it’s a fur vest, an allover fur coat or smaller details, fur and faux fur are my favourite styling pieces for winter. If you read my previous post or follow my Instagram you may have noticed I have been playing with this fur gilet quite a lot. This time over a dress, it allows me to play with different layers, lengths and shapes in several outfits and it’s a great companion to the chilled dutch fall weather. This vest is also extremely versatile thanks to the neutral colour and sleeveless shape, allowing me to wear it with leather, denim or more feminine pieces.

On a different note, I am planning to introduce soon new pages to my blog. I am thinking of a ‘shop my closet’ page, since my wardrobe is getting too tight, a ‘baby page’ with more photos of Emma’s outfits and some mommy thoughts and a ‘places’ page with the best places I am discovering in Amsterdam and during our weekend gateways. I am hoping to have new contents added each week which all depends on Emma’s behaviour ;). The ‘terrible teeth’ are starting to give some signs and she’s been a bit fussy the past evenings. I hope it won’t get too bad. Stay tuned and in the meantime you can follow my instagram for daily updates!

Inside Out the Look:

Fur: Vintage | Dress: Zadig & Voltaire (similar here) | Shoes: Acne Pistol (here) | Bag: Louis Vuitton (here)









Sleveless vests continue to be a wardrobe staple and when fall arrives I can’t wait to style it. This one is a cozy alternative to my leather jacket and a fancy appetiser to the winter coat. At the moment I am just wearing it over a sweater but when the temperature cools down I also like to wear it with a blazer or a cardigan underneath or even over the leather jacket. I especially like this fox one from an independent vintage shop I found in Italy. The softness, great line and taupe colour makes it easy to pair with so many different layers and mix and match with many items in my wardrobe.

Inside Out the Look:

Fur: Vintage | Sweater: Maje (more here on sale) | Faux leather pants: Zara (similar here) | Shoes: Acne Pistol (here) | Bag: Celine (similar here) | Hat: Zadig & Voltaire (similar here)









When I say Amsterdam it still doesn’t feel like home. In a way it’s a strange feeling living like a tourist in your ‘new’ home town. On the other way it’s fun to discover new places every day and look for new and different shooting locations.

Just a ferry ride away from Amsterdam Central Station and you are at the Eye Film Institute, an archive and museum of dutch and foreign films screened in the Netherlands. The architecture is just beautiful.

I was wearing a proper fall look, you know, when you wear a cashmere sweater but you can still afford to go bare legs. I am never really wearing bright colours but this time is a total black look. I can’t get enough of leather and culottes, so when they come into the same item, it’s a go! I styled them with a cashmere sweater from All Saints for a dressed down attitude and paired them with these Miu Miu loafers to give a chic, yet comfy touch.

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: All Saints (similar here) | Culottes: Zara (similar here) | Shoes: Miu Miu (more here) | Bag: Chanel





As a third way of layering this chunky knit I am pairing it with an evening silk dress. I’m really liking the contrast look (without wearing high heels) and the dressed down style. It has just enough swing to take an evening dress to a daily wear.

Inside Out the Look:

Dress: Max & co. (similar here) | Sweater: Zara (similar here in blush) | Shoes: Miu Miu (more designer shoes on sale! here)












I love experimenting seasonal trends and love the beginning of fall so we can start layering.. I thought, why not trying something different this time? – The next post will be the second episode. I was inspired by the long lines the designers introduced for this and next season so I paired this sleeveless knit vest for the lenght and versatility. This grey knit was one of my favorite finds in Zara last year and still going strong. The chunky knit works well for the skinny jeans and the vest underneath wore it over skinny jeans gives that dress-over-pants vibe. Finally the blush ballet pumps add a feminine touch.

I also just recently layered this over-sized sweater with a longer shirt underneath and distressed boyfriend jeans for a more casual look but yet cool for a weekend look around Amsterdam.  See it on my instagram here.

A long layer wore ‘underneath’ may sound a little over the top, but paired with casual pieces defenetely made it more ‘me’.

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Zara (old – similar here) | Vest: .Object (similar here) | Jeans: Topshop (here) | Shoes: French Sole (here) | Bag: Chanel | Sunglasses: Miu Miu (here)









I never come back from Italy empty handed! I did promise you some shopping! Didn’t I?! I found this oversized blazer and vintage Levi’s 501 and I couldn’t wait to pair them. The oversized blazer is irresistible this fall and the jeans is a good option to the regular skinny .. This look was literally calling my name!

Maybe I am just in the autumn spirit but these shapes gave me many new ideas for layering . . Stay tuned.

Inside Out the Look:

Blazer: Zara (more here) | Tee: Comme Des Garçon (here) | Jeans: Levi’s 501 vintage | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) | Shoe fringe: Vow label (here) | Bag: Chanel







Happy Saturday! While this post goes online we are on a plane to Italy.. (Emma being quite the jet setter visiting her third country at only 2 months old) I expect to spend a nice and relaxing 10 days, ‘sharing’ Emma with all of her aunties and grandparents which will mean some ‘free time’ for myself. Of course some shopping will be included in the trip aside the good food, many double shot espressos (the real deal) and vino!

Outfit speaking, this Acne Studios denim jacket quickly became my staple during the transitional weather. I linked a similar one since it was quickly sold out everywhere. I got mine last summer at Selfridges.  When it comes to classics I don’t mind to indulge a bit more because I know I will wear them a lot and won’t go out of fashion. Also, the light denim colour allow me to play with the rest of the outfit and the short cut looks very good with skirts and dresses too.

Let’s just talk about my obsession with flat shoes for a second.. I think I have found my ‘shoephere’ here in Amsterdam, I have barely seen someone wearing heels. It is all about cool trainers, sneakers and flats! Adore!! I love these Chloe espadrilles and I am so glad the weather has been so sunny which allow me to still wear them! The swede is super soft, perfect for my daily long walks with Emma and still feeling stylish. Can you tell I am starting to enjoy my new city?

Inside Out The Look:

Jacket: Acne Studios (similar here) | Top: Uniqlo (here) | Pants: Maje (more here on sale) | Shoes: Chloe (here on sale now!) | Sunglasses: Celine (here) | Bag: Chanel




2015.. What a year! Got pregnant, got engaged, ended up having an atrocious delivery, emergency c-section, then a beautiful angel arrived in my life and literally turned it upside down.. Finally we moved to a different country, with a new born aarrgghh!! If you think that would have been easy.. Think again! Actually, I should have thought twice! Naive me! 2015.. We still have a trimester to go! Please, spare me! I seriously would do with some boredom..
I wish my only worry at this stage was to lose the baby weight. That went in no time!! (20kg in less than 6 weeks.. I Should actually consider a career at the Weight Watchers!!). I think the stress added to the breast-feeding played a massive role! But hey, we keep the result, Thank you very much!
So here i am! In a new city i dont know and especially i dont speak the language, with a newborn and a very busy fiance! This will translate into a lot of exploring, possibly getting lost and probably misunderstood.. But I am in excellent company of Emma and I am curios about this new life!
On a sartorial level, I left behind, for now, my job in Mayfair in London.. With all the fancy aspects which were coming with it and swapped it for a full time mom job.. which trust me, it is 10 times harder! I often think i was never this tired in the evening, even after a full day with overtime! But I have to admit, when Emma smiles at me, there is no yearly bonus worth the same! It just means a lot of flat shoes and simple chic outfits which fit better with my life at the moment!
But I did bring to Holland a little Mayfair corner.. My new Chanel! It was a ‘well deserved’ push present for giving Menno the most beautiful daughter! I am not planning on a second baby but since I can make cute ones.. If you ask me, next time it would be a Birkin!

Inside Out the Look:

Denim Jacket: Acne Studios (similar here) | Top: Maje (more here) | Jeans: Topshop (here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) | Sunglasses: Celine (more here) | Bag: Chanel Caviar Jumbo double flap









A simply black uniform I am wearing these days on autumn-like end of summer weather. I added a little ’70s vibe with retro round glasses and this simple shirt with puffed boho sleeve which, if you like it, you better grab immediately for only £ 3,99 on the sale!! Wishing for some more sunshine days but in the meantime, a total black look will do!

Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: Zara (here) | Denim: TopShop (here) | Shoes: Adidas (here) |

Bag: Balenciaga (here) | Sunglasses: Miu Miu (here)




As a first real outfit post pregnancy I am sporting these pants with a little bit more drama than the usual skinny jeans. They’re comfortable and chic, so I found it a very cool trend to try before the summer is officially over. The black and white stripe print style makes them easy to mix and match and as easy as it looks, I am enjoying the most comfortable trend that made a come back this SS15 I was busy cooking the bun in the oven.

Inside Out the Look:

Pants: Zara (more here, here and here) | Shoes: Birkenstock Arizona (here) |

Top: H&M (more here) | Bag: DVF (more here on sale) | Sunglasses: Celine (here)




When I was pregnant, especially towards the end, I was dreaming of my due date, of course to meet my baby girl but also to finally go back to my old self.. and I mean body wise. I had no idea my body would go through another phase of change, the postpartum. I mean, I knew.. but I had no idea how it would be!

Since I past my due date of 11 days, I was actually pregnant for 10 months, not 9.. Lucky me!! After the baby arrived, with a big surprise, I still felt pregnant for the first few days, and looked like I was 4/5 months pregnant still..

Moreover, I am exclusively breastfeeding so my breast is bigger than it ever was, and always will be.. So, this means, sartorially speaking, another change of wardrobe.

I still have to wait sometime to meet my beloved skinny jeans and leather pants.. 9kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight, I am making new friends with shirts borrowed from the boy, wide leg pants and shirt dresses.

I am liking it so far, every day is a new experience .. I don’t live it as a deprivation of my old wardrobe, one more time, but more like a new sartorial journey to explore new styles and fabrics I wasn’t really wearing before.. And all this in the great company of my new little doll!

Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: borrowed from the boyfriend | Cardigan: Zara Men (more here) |

Wide leg trousers: Zara (similar here on sale!) | Shoes: Superga in leather (here) |

Sunglasses: Celine (more here on sale!) |

Stroller: Bugaboo Cameleon limited edition (here)




Officially in my 9th month of pregnancy I am about to slow down. With the beginning of my maternity leave and 36 weeks into this adventure my main commitments are the anti natal classes, at least 1 hour of daily exercise, coffee with friends, baby shopping and resting as much as I can.

Today I am dressing my growing baby bump in monochrome non-maternity wear. I bought the pants one size up my regular one and the rest belongs to my wardrobe. I should say thanks to most of my closet being oversized, coming in handy now! Baby was planned.. Maternity wear was not!

Baggy Pants: Stradivarius (here) | Sweater: Each x Other (more here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) |

Bag: Celine (more totes on sale here) | Sunglasses: Celine (here on sale!)





When I got pregnant I promised myself I would not wear any maternity clothes! First time mom, lifetime fashionista . . What did I know?? I remember a little crisis I had around 20 weeks when I could not fit my beloved leather pants anymore. I admit it kind of felt the end of the world!!

I was able to stretch myself into my regular bottoms until the end of the second trimester, then I had to start research for maternity brands, unless I wanted to start leaving the house with my trousers unbuttoned . . Mmmh . . Not a good idea! People might misinterpret me! 😉

After some research I found out they do maternity clothes for a reason! Like these Isabella Oliver joggers, they are more flattering than regular pants on all my growing parts, not to mention they are super comfortable! Personally, I was able to get away with 1 pair of joggers and 3 maternity denims which I plan to reach the due date with and at least the first month or two post pregnancy.

My tip is you don’t need much! 4 pieces of maternity pieces are getting me through my 3rd trimester comfortably and stylishly too. If you are not ready to let go of the majority of your wardrobe, like I am, you can still wear all of your tops, shoes and handbags . . The big splurge is on accessories! . . And the cutest baby outfits of course!!

More maternity outfit inspo on my instagram @nickyinsideout

How did you go through your maternity wardrobe??

Joggers: Isabella Oliver (here) | Shoes: HM (on sale now!) | Shirt: Zara man (try more here) | Cardigan: Zara man (more here)

Sunglasses: Celine (more here) | Bag: Celine (more totes on sale here)


chelsea 8

chelsea 4

chelsea 1

chelsea 3

chelsea 5

Photos: Lorna Luxe

I am back on the blog sphere and I have fully embraced maternity wear. . Mine, consisting in maternity bottoms mainly. So far, and currently, trying to squeeze as many outfits of the clothes that I previously own and can still wear comfortably. On top of the list: elastic waistbands and longer tops that have a little give.

But lets step back, when I found out I was pregnant back in November, the idea of a July birth felt years away. Part of it was a good thing – it looked like I had an infinity of time to get ready and come around to the idea that my life would be totally changing. But now that it’s June and I am 6 weeks away, things feel they’ve moved at high speed.

Until lately, I’ve found the most daunting part of this outgrowth to be literally the pregnancy process, and haven’t given much thought to the birth and consequent parenting ‘full time job’. All of the alterations to my body have been so unsettling, at the same time enchanting (I find myself thinking ‘there is a real baby girl inside my bump!!), that they’ve completely distracted me from what’s to come. On Sunday we are going to start the antenatal classes and I am sure everything is going to feel suddenly very real.

I have had a very good pregnancy so far, but working full time didn’t really leave me any extra space for the blog and regular weekly outfit posts. The truth is that I do regret not documenting this pregnancy with more accuracy, but my job didn’t really leave me any spare time which wasn’t used to sleep. A few weeks ago I had a little complication (baby is perfectly fine!) so the doctor ordered me full rest, especially keeping my legs up at least half day every day. So I am left with more time to write!

Now the countdown is on. I have a few weeks left, I still haven’t packed my hospital bag (even if I’ve already picked the first baby outfit!) and I am slowly getting ready. From what I’ve been told, there is only so much you can set up, after which degree you just have to let go and be open to experiencing one of the greatest joy . And I couldn’t be more thrilled !

Top: Gap (more here) | Trench: Joseph (more here) | Maternity denim: Topshop (here) | Kicks: Adidas Stan Smith (here) |

Bag: Celine (here) | Sunglasses: Miu Miu (here)











Photos by Helen

Just before Christmas I met up with Helen author of the blog Boho Tailor – We met in Mayfair during my lunch break and rather then food we preferred photo shooting! My dear friend Lorna – Lornaluxe – already told me how great Helen was, in fact it could be no wrong! Helen was great, lovely personality and very talented photographer – you can see it yourself on her blog section Boho behind the Lens. And thinking of Helen now, as long as I love layering, and enjoyed wearing this outfit, I would rather be with her enjoying the sun in Bondi beach in a tank top..

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Zara (similar here) | Leather shorts: .Object Collectors Items (more here) |

Coat: Isabel Marant x HM (similar on sale here) | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood (more on sale here) |

Sunglasses: Celine Audrey (here)



There are a few words that should go with this outfit. First of all, I still love the pieces I got from the Alexander Wang x HM collection, which accomplish my daily wear lately. It just feels good when you buy something and you make a good use of it (I’ve got so many items in my closet which have been worn only once or never! Shame!!). Second, as you must have noticed, I almost live in my flats and these Nicholas Kirkwood booties became my every day shoes of this AW14. However, the big attention today should go to this perfect bucket bag by Golden Lane. It’s the first bucket bag of my collection and I must say I am pretty satisfied of the twist which gives to each outfit!

I guess in total black I start to say goodbye to 2014.

Inside Out the Look:

Bucket bag: Golden Lane (more styles here)  | Jacket: Alexander Wang x HM |

Pants: Maje (more here on sale!) | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood (here)






From fashionable camel to dusky pink.. this colour combo makes for a spring pick-a-boo during grey December days.

While you’ve already seen the Maje jumper, the coat is a new entry! The most beloved piece of my winter wardrobe and very first tailor made coat by my very special designer friend Pia, all the way from Copenhagen! I adore walking the streets of London wearing something so exclusive!

Inside Out the Look:

Coat: by P L S (here) | Jumper: Maje (similar here) | turtleneck: Zara (similar here) | Leather trousers: Maje (here) |

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) | Bag: Balenciaga (more here) | Sunglasses: Celine (try here)




This is a particular look I had in mind since I brought home my new Kirkwoods.

Pleats, pointy loafers, socks and jumpers.. Yes plurals! Breathing this effortless mix already, I couldn’t wait for spring so I went!.. I went bare legs into 3 degrees!

Fashion 1 – Winter 0

*Do not try this at home

Inside Out the Look:

Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood (more here) | Socks: COS (here) | Skirt: Topshop (here) | White tee: Zadig & Voltaire (here) |

Sweater: Zadig & Voltaire (similar here) | Sweater: Sandro (more here) | Bag: Balenciaga (more here)



For the ones, like me, for instance, who are not planning to wear any sparkle for Christmas .. Leather yes! Androgynous yes!

I would definetely show up at one of the up coming Christmas parties wearing an eternally stylish tuxedo.

Just saying .. This is more of my kind, hope you enjoy it!

Inside Out the Look:

Hat: Rag & Bone (here) | Lipstick: YSL (here) | Earring: Delfina Delettrez (here) | Bag: Acne Studios (here) |

Shoes: Valentino (here) | Bra: Topshop (here) | Trousers: Chloe (here) | Tuxedo Jacket: Helmut Lang (here)







 This time I went wool head to toes..

Actually this is probably how we are going to remember this AW14, with a lot of knitwear!

Especially when I have to spend a twelve hour day around the city and the weather is freezing, I just say thanks to this season big trend!

You already saw me around swapping my scarf for my knit and now the knitwear goes all the way below the knee too.

 Inside Out the Look:

Coat: Isabel Marant x HM (similar here) | Dress: Sisley (more here) | Wool legwarmers: Calzedonia (try this) |

Shoes: Zara (more here) | Bag: Commes des Garcons (more here) | Sweater: Sandro (more here)






My basic easiness of a denim and tee combo is promptly modified by adding on a casual but chic cape.

I must admit, sometimes I love too a feminine touch to my outfits. Especially if taken by one of my favourite French designers in the form of a knit wool cape. I didn’t want the bag to touch the full silhouette so I picked my oversized clutch, which can easily contain all my essentials without adding too much volume.

Inside Out the Look:

Cape: See by Chloe (similar here or here on sale!) | Turtleneck: Zara (here) | Denim: Maje (more here) |

Shoes: Miu Miu (more here) | Clutch: American Apparel (more here) | Hat: Ted Backer (here)



There is nothing as powerful as a colour palette of red, blues and whites to light up this grey Sunday in London. The contrast of stripes and a bandana scarf gives the outfit that hippie touch to finish up this cocktail of happy-go-lucky colours. Finally the lucky charm is recovered in the supersize symmetry of culottes with one of my most wanted flat forms of the moment.

Inside Out the Look:

Furry tweed sweater: Tibi (here) | Shirt: Joseph (here) | Shoes: Stella McCartney (here) | Culottes: Mother of Pearl (here)

Bucket bag: Saint Laurent (here) | Bandana scarf: Saint Laurent (here) | Scented candle: Diptyque (here) |

Leather cap: Asos (here)






Blazers are a staple in my wardrobe. I always liked to invest in good ones.

I like how I can excite a daytime ensemble with a glamorous velvet one. It gives my outfit the autumnal easy chicness I want.

On an below level, I needed to find a way to style my beautiful gift from Triangl Swimwear.. I couldn’t wait for the next tropical holiday! I quite like the result of a bikini top wore as a bra underneath a white deep V!..

Definitely to be tried in the city!!

Inside Out the Look:

Blazer: Zadig et Voltaire (more hère) | T-shirt: Zadig et Voltaire (similar hère) | Bikini top: Triangl (hère) |

Hat: Zadig et Voltaire (similar hère) | Jeans: Diesel (more hère) | Shoes: Zara (hère)









This AW we can only be fashionable if our knit sleeves are longer than expected.. When I say longer, I mean MUCH longer! Imagine them covering your fancy watch, your brand new rings and your fresh manicure.. There is no showing off in any of these areas as Acne, The Row, Celine and Stella taught us (just to name a few of my favourites).

The last time I can recall my sleeves covering my thumb it was actually as a teenager, including my mother telling me off because of it!

..When my mum is going to see these photos is possibly going to text me the same thing once again! Funnily enough now I can justify myself having Celine and Acne backing me up.. What could she possibly argue now?

The jumper is a new entry accompanied by a funny story. Funny for one party only actually..

Last week Menno asked me to update his winter wardrobe with new knitwear. How can a lovely girl friend refuse such a request? Nothing i love more than shopping for him.. which means I pick from some of my favourite menswear departments and he pays for it! I stocked him up of Sandro sweaters, strategically getting him also two of the same ones, one in navy and the other one in grey.. Yes! The one I am wearing!

The result it was us walking down the canals in Amsterdam wearing the twin knit, including last night dinner with his parents where we got a proper weird look from his mother this time!

Look mums no hands!!

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Sandro (here) | Denim: Diesel (similar here on sale!) | Shoes: Converse (similar here) | Bag: Zadig&Voltaire (more here) |

Biker: Alexander Wang x HM (here) | Beanie: Carhartt (here) | Sunglasses: Celine Caty (here)






As suspected and expected I hang out in the mens department last night at the ALEXANDER WANG X HM pre launch shopping event. Happily, I succeeded in taking home my favourite goodies! The sweater turned out to be the most popular must have of this collection and was sold out within minutes.. Panic! The luck of hanging out in the mens department is that you can ‘casually’ help out a solo guy trying to pick the best item for himself and he will be happy to leave you his ‘second choice’.. Adore being a girl with a boyish look taste!

Inside Out the Look:

Biker jacket: ALEXANDER WANG X HM (here – this one is womenswear!) |

Scuba sweater: ALEXANDER WANG X HM (here) |

Silk skirt: Zadig & Voltaire (similar here) | Boots: Zara (wide selection here)



I am excited to be invited at the exclusive shopping event to celebrate the launch of the

Alexander Wang x H&M Collection tonight!

Currently busy picking my favourite pieces..

If you haven’t chose yours yet, here is the link to the lookbook of the  full collection! The women’s collection includes over 35 exclusively designed items.. but I have the sense I will be hanging at the menswear section!

Follow my IG @NICKYINSIDEOUT for tonight’s event snaps and I see you here tomorrow morning for my personal outfit wearing the collection!








This time I surprised myself when I picked up the colour of love. In the monochrome land of my closet I wondered if this will love me back. Just in case, I prefer to call it the ‘pale sweater’ not to shock the people around me when they see me coming on the world wide web or the actual streets.

If you ask my mother, pink used to be my favourite colour. EEeeKk! It was upsetting me so much when she would rather dress me in white and navy. She used to answer me ‘why would you be the same of all the other girls?!’..

I’ve got a cool mother! Now I am proud!

In the game of contrasts, I paired it with black leather, a splash of red and my favourite shoes of the moment! I end up liking the most scented of shades for the sweetest of memories. The final verdict about this blush jumper is inviting the alternative of black when it comes to snap a spin to winter basics.

Inside Out The Look:

Angora Jumper: Maje (try this) | Leather Shorts: Object (try this) | Shoes: Zara (more here) |

Coat: Zadig&Voltaire (similar on sale here) | Bag: DVF (more here)






 Photos by Lorna (LornaLuxe)

With the arrival of winter I had to put away my white culottes but I could not abandon the trend. I spotted these Warehouse ones on Vogue and they had to be mine. I immediately felt in love with the check print, the colour.. and the price tag!! When I style culottes, I like to tack-in the top to highlight the waist. Its a Maje fine knit in this case. It keeps me warm but doesn’t add volume. Finally I wore them with my inseparable biker and jumper on shoulder to maintain a dressed down look.

A way I like them as well is in a more sporty version, with a loose white shirt and kicks.

How do you wear yours??

Inside Out the Look:

Culottes: Warehouse (here) | Shoes: Zara (last winter – more ankle boots here) | Fine knit: Maje (more here) |

Leather Jacket: Maje (more here) | Shoulder knit: Zara (more here) | Bag: Celine (more totes here) |

Sunglasses: Celine (more here)


IMGP3017 IMGP3033 IMGP3037 IMGP3043 IMGP3046 IMGP3054 IMGP3057 IMGP3061

Remember my urge of running to dress down anything that comes to my sight?
Still does.
Styling being one of the things I enjoy the most of my blog sphere.. Here is a little story.
I’ve been collaborating with the awesome team of for a sometime now. When they offered me to style this white 100% linen shirt from their menswear department, it was music to my ears.
When the postman delivered the boys item, my brain immediately started to think ultra feminine.
Its a bit like the neighbour’s grass is always greener or the unattainable  urge to always want what you cannot hav e kind of thing..
Having a closet much similar to the Narnia’s one (here the boyfriend would agree and pull a face) I found an item which normally would consider too sexy on my boyish taste, this black corset.
The end of the story is the following mathematical statement: I pick an item from the boys department and I pair it up with an ultra feminine garment, the corset in this case, and I wear it with a trend of the season (in this case the jumper on the shoulder ) and I get a result which I quite like and feel good wearing.
Hope you like it too and can find inspirational to your weekend look!
Don’t forget to let me know!
And don’t forget to enter the discount code NICKYCONFINEDPROMO at the checkout to secure an 10% discount on your first purchase on
The code is valid until February 2015!
Inside Out the Look:

Knit: Sheep of Steel (here), Blanket Coat: Antithesis (here), Shirt: Tobias Clothing [menswear dpt] (here) |


Corset: Mango (more here) | Faux Leather leggings: Zara (here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) |

Bag: Burberry (more here) |


10726210_10153256966808219_1159445860_n 10726756_10153256966598219_42083045_n 10728541_10153256966818219_1583561267_n 10728561_10153256966548219_1276861177_n 10729064_10153256966903219_2109233666_n 10735644_10153256966618219_1897382822_n 10735903_10153256966713219_343347646_n 10743304_10153256966758219_882032735_n 10743602_10153256966893219_339767697_n 10743686_10153256966838219_2140764161_n 10744821_10153256966703219_1713656668_n


The result of mixing sport, performance and style.

I was flattered to be invited to the press presentation of the latest HM collaboration. Not only I knew it was a sure score by the Swedish fast-fashion enterprise (see here the full collection) but also this one really reflects my favourite street style #sportluxe #sportchic #streetwear.. and so she goes. We are talking workout clothes to mix up with our usual urban wardrobe.

The collection controls a city girl style in a mixture of sport and action for a day to night look. It screams coolness in every piece, woman and man, my favourites being the black foam-injected crocodile-patterned sweatshirt and the scuba one embossed with AW branding.

Least but not last the addition of lifestyle objects .. who wouldn’t like to own a pair of actual size boxing gloves hanging on their wall?

Nail some shopping to be done on November the 6th, until then let’s save some penny. This time the price point goes up for a totally worth it performance.. my gym is outdoor!



IMGP3094 IMGP3096 IMGP3109 IMGP3113 IMGP3124IMGP3129

I engaged with my favourite python match to give a snack to my collection of basics.

Normcore blues, blacks and greys spirited on the spur of the moment!

Inside Out the Look:

Blazer: Zadig&Voltaire (here or budget here) | Black Cashmere High Neck: All Saints (here) |

Denim: Zadig&Voltaire (try these in grey) | Blucher with Fringes: Zara (here) | Knit: Zara (try this) |

Cabas: Celine (more totes here) | Sunglasses: Celine (more here)


IMGP2971 IMGP2975 IMGP2978 IMGP2990 IMGP2993

No urbanite’s closet is accomplished this AW14 without a blanket coat. This throw-on is fleetly giving some rest to my leather biker as the island get cooler. Fond, Easy and now Trendy. I couldn’t not love this trend. My equation is blanket coat plus knit on the shoulders (which is every day resting my winter scarf) and the result needs little more than trusty little black dress, lace ups and a favourite handbag to accomplish the expression.

Use code NICKYCONFINEDPROMO to guarantee 10% off your first order on

Inside Out the Look:

Blanket Coat: Anthitesis on From A Confined Space (here) | Jumper: Sheep Of Steel on From A Confined Space (here) | Dress: Claudie Pierlot (try this) | Shoes: Tod’s (similar here) | Bag: Celine (more here) | Sunglasses: Celine (more here)

[Personal Outfit] HAND-KNITTED KNIT

IMGP2941 IMGP2943 IMGP2945 IMGP2947 IMGP2950 IMGP2962 IMGP2965

Nothing better than jumping into the new season wearing wool with character! This colour pop cuff unisex knit by Sheep of Steel is the cosiest piece of my wardrobe at the moment and I intend to make it my winter ‘Linus Blanket’, from jumper to shoulder and vice versa.

Homemade Feel? Yes, Please!

We have seen designers having Fall ’14 craftwork spirit all toned up from Prada goat-hair pardonable seam details, to Celine’s unfolded sleeves and flared knitted pants to the J. Altuzarra’s gracefully hand-woven dresses. My new entry is a unique slice of fall hand-knitted in the UK. And who better than the Brits? Italians might know their pasta but let’s face it, these peeps know their knits! 

Inside Out the Look:

Use code NICKYCONFINEDPROMO to guarantee 10% off your first order on

Jumper: Sheep of Steel 100% Merino Wool (here) | Trainers: Nike Air Force 1 (here) | Socks: COS ( more here) |

Skirt: Pinko (similar here) | Bag: Burberry (try more here) | Sunglasses: Celine (love these too)


IMGP2875 IMGP2879 IMGP2884 IMGP2888 IMGP2891 IMGP2892 IMGP2897

We can smell Autumn in the air in London. The weather is still pretty warm, considering, but you can feel that breeze and the days are getting shorter ..Sartorially speaking Autumn is my favourite season. When we can layer on top and still afford to wear bare legs (I will go on this way as long as possible – that’s why I am always the first one hit by the flu! Doh!). And it’s not over! We can finally wear leather again! I am sporting this Maje lamb leather skirt with suede details, paired up with pointy loafers and socks, as Celine teached us. Plus a mesh bomber jacket. I am embracing the new season with my usual monochromatic simplicity and to be honest I am kind of excited ..

Inside Out the Look:

Leather skirt: Maje (similar here) | Polo Neck: Uniqlo (here) | Mesh Bomber: Maje (try this) | Loafers: Miu Miu (here) |

Socks: COS (here) | Big Pouch: American Apparel (more here) | Sunglasses: Celine (more here)


Photos: Lorna Luxe 
Patch denim is assuming my whole outfit scene – See more on my Instagram – one attire at a time. I slipped this pair from the Jacob Cohen show room before London Fashion Week and hardly have taken them off. I know I’ve got to stop now but I would have infinite ways in mind to keep styling them.
Patch Jeans: Jacob Cohen (similar on sale here or high street here ) | 
Shoes: Miu Miu (here or high street here) | Wide-Cut Shirt: COS (here) | 
Pouch: American Apparel (here on sale now!) | Hat: Zadig&Voltaire (more here) | 
Leather Jacket: Maje (in black here)


Call me a lucky girl. I basically grew up in a hair salon. 
My mother being a hair stylist, her salon is where I used to spend my afternoons after school observing ladies updating their hair style to the latest trend, getting spoiled by everyone being the little girl of the salon and cutting the hair of my infinite barbie collection. All my barbies had short and coloured hair!! Scary!!
Everyone was expecting me to follow my mother into her profession but I grew up more as a fashionista and affectionate to my father’s credit card before getting a proper job eheh ..
What stayed towards the years it’s what I then named the Nicky’s Day! It’s that day a month totally dedicated to pumpering myself! 
Every time I visit Italy I lock myself up at my mother’s salon spending my day getting hair cut, hair colour, bit of gossip here and there (hey! I need all the updates since I live abroad now!!), mani pedi and so it goes.. Paradise!!
Since I moved to London years ago, it didn’t even crossed my mind to drop good habits. 
This week the Nicky’s Day has been looking like paying a visit to Selfridges ground floor, taking a look on what’s new and ending up in make up shopping (credit cards ‘good habits’ haven’t dropped either), visiting the nail salon then of my favourites hairdresser in London ‘Vidal Sasson’.
Outcome?! Bank account much lighter ..Urghh! Hair a bit shorter ..Big smile on my face! 
Definitely to be tried!!
Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Red Carpet (here
Sheer Finish Pressed Powder: Bobbi Brown (here
Card Holder: Alexander McQueen (more here)



EVEN IF THIS IDEA APPEALS A LOT TO ME.. MOST OF MY PICTURES ARE TAKEN DURING THOSE SHORT INSTANTS I’M NOT WORKING HARD OR DURING MY DAYS OFF.  LUCKILY i enoy MY JOB and it GETs FUN LIKE LAST NIGHT HOSTING THE FASHION NIGHT OUT at the maje store in south molton street WHICH WAS A GREAT SUCCESS! we had a photo booth which became the main attraction and people were queueing all over the store while enjoying the collection.


more snaps on my instagram @nickyinsideout 

Inside out the look:
top: Maje (here) | Pants: maje (here) | shoes: similar here


Luckily, my outfit pick for Day 2 of LFW SS15 was quite a stress-free choice. Prior to the event, I went to the London Jacob Cohen offices in Mayfair where I fell in love with this combo.  A big question mark persisted on the shoes to style it with .. You know I never say no to shoes shopping so it was finally time to make the Nike Airforce 1 mine! (Thank you Selfridges for the late opening hours!!)
The outfit turned out to be infinitely comfortable and suiting perfectly my beloved colour palette of blues and whites.
My obsession for a sport chic look paid off on a feature on Cosmopolitan best street styles .. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
More London Fashion Week here:
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Facebook Page Nicky Inside Out
Inside Out The Look:
Jacket: Jacob Cohen SS15 (soon here or try this) | Pants: Jacob Cohen SS15 (soon here) | Shoes: Nike Airforce 1 (here) | 
Top: Zadig&Voltaire (try this on sale!) | Cross body: DVF (similar here) | 
Sunnies: Celine (more here)


Photo Credit
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

My first outfit for LFW was all about my new Jacob Cohen denim (turns out my favourite denim on the market!) with an awesome pair of pointy loafers by Miu Miu and an Acne Studios cropped sweater I instantly fell in love with when it hit the stores.
I really maintained my style of dressing for comfort and mobility-much needed especially for these days around the shows. Happily, sticking to my guns, I scored some points in the street style interest!
Since I found what people are wearing to the shows just as fascinating as the models on the runway, my next post will be a visual diary of all the photos of the street style I have taken. I want to show you the photos of everything I’ve been up to, the people I met and the styles I found interesting.
More London Fashion Week here:
Instagram @nickyinsideout
Facebook Page Nicky Inside Out
Inside Out The Look:

Jeans: Jacob Cohen (here) | Shoes: Miu Miu (more here) |
Sweater: Acne Studios (here) |
Turtleneck: Uniqlo (here) | Sunglasses: Celine (here) | Bag: American Apparel (here






If there is something I don’t like, is being negative. But have you checked the weather forecast in Holland for the coming week? Only rain (!!!), everyday (!!!). I only have two choices: either run to my laptop to book a last minute holiday to a sunny tropical destination or, be be a committed new mother, and enjoy the plan of snuggling my baby girl for the whole weekend indoor while I show you these shots we took last week over a beautiful sunny day.

As an accessories lover, sunglasses are always a daily essentials for me. Not only for my instagram flat lays, I actually wear them in winter time too. Especially when I discover a brand, like these ZeroUV, who is designing cool shapes at a very affordable price, I commit to it. I mean, I do own several designer sunglasses but how fun it is to change them often and play around a bit?

After all, I am sure Emma won’t mind if I spend her nap time shopping for more!







Inside Out the Look:

Sunglasses: ZeroUV | Hat: Kocca | Sweater: Zara | Coat: Zadig&Voltaire | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity | Bag: Balenciaga | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood

Created in collaboration with ZeroUV and Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography Alessia Ballardini.